The OTTER Alliance is an association of leading service providers for the ((OTRS)) Community Edition in Germany. Goal of the Alliance is to ensure the continuation of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition and the availability of a broad range of service offerings in the long term.

In order to secure investments taken by customers all members of the OTTER Alliance recognize Znuny LTS as the designated successor of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition and offer their continued support and services for it. The same applies to future feature releases based on Znuny LTS.

OTRS AG discontinued support for the widely used Open Source ticket management system ((OTRS)) Community Edition 6 at the end of 2020 at very short notice. Almost immediately, Znuny GmbH, whose owner Martin Edenhofer is one of the inventors of OTRS, announced that it would provide security updates for at least two more years.

In addition, a roadmap with the planned features for new versions will be published in May 2021. Znuny and the OTTER Alliance will collaborate with the community to keep the Open Source productup to date and to provide new versions with innovative new features on a regular basis.

For users of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition 6 the change to the designated successor is very easy. Security updates get installed as usual. The new fork of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition 6, "Znuny LTS", is based on version 6.0.30 and is technically fully compatible, i.e. all components and individual extensions will continue to work without change.

The security updates can be found at: https://www.znuny.org/releases.

More detailed information about the Alliance members, their service offerings and contact information can be found on our member pages.