The OTTER Alliance is an association of well-known service providers for the ((OTRS)) Community Edition in Germany. The alliance follows the goal of supporting the continuation of the Open Source Ticket System and ensuring the availability of a broad, sustainable range of services in this area.

To achieve this, Znuny LTS was launched as a new fork after the discontinuation of support for the ((OTRS)) Community Edition. All members of the OTTER Alliance recognise Znuny LTS as the designated successor to the ((OTRS)) Community Edition and permanently offer their support and services for it. This also applies to all feature releases based on Znuny LTS.

Since then, the Znuny team, supported by the OTTER Alliance, has worked hard to maintain and continuously develop the powerful Open Source Ticket System. Over the past two years, numerous functional releases have appeared that have significantly increased Znuny’s performance.

The latest achievement of these efforts is the release of Znuny 7 in March 2023. With a modernised user interface and numerous new features, Znuny 7 represents an important milestone and is the starting point for a new era of the popular Open Source Ticket System.

Also in March 2023, Znuny LTS 6.5 was released, the new version with Long Term Support for the next two years. It replaces the previous Znuny LTS 6.0 version, for which no further support will be available. Users of older versions should update their system to Znuny LTS 6.5 or Znuny 7 to continue to benefit from security updates and bug fixes.

The security updates can be found at: https://www.znuny.org/releases.

More detailed information on the service offerings and specific contact persons of the OTTER Alliance companies can be found on the following members' pages.