maxence business consulting gmbh was founded in 2002. As a spin-off from IBM Germany we are located in Dormagen, Germany. maxence is specialized in planning and developing applications with HCL Notes/Domino and OTRS/Znuny LTS.

Our team, consisting of computer scientists, mathematicians, business economists and IT specialists, uses the experience of many IT projects to the advantage of its customers: 75% of maxence employees have a professional experience of more than 10 years in the field of IT, with 50% it is even more than 15 years.

maxence customers are groups in the energy supply as well as the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, public clients, banks and insurance companies as well as medium-sized companies in various sectors.

Our competencies and motivation

For more than 10 years we have been supporting our customers in the implementation and operation of ticket systems with ((OTRS)) Community Edition and OTRS™. The resulting solutions are as individual as our customers: From simple ticket systems for IT support to complex systems for controlling business processes to deep integrations with other systems.

The maxence team always creates the individual customer solution with the necessary sense of proportion: What should be achieved and what is necessary to achieve it? We support our customers with process consulting and process design, application architecture and development, system configuration and operational support. The thorough training of administrators and users completes our service portfolio. We are proud of the large number of customers we have been supporting for many years.

The Open Source approach has always been of special importance to us. On the one hand, it enables the community to actively contribute to the further development of a particular software. On the other hand, customizations are possible to a much greater extent than with commercial software. This enables us to offer an individual solution that is optimally adapted to the customer's needs, even for very specific requirements. But Open Source is nothing without an active community. Thus, maxence has been hosting the OTRS Community Rheinland meetings for 10 years, where OTRS enthusiasts meet, exchange ideas and support each other.

Open Source requires not only commitment, but also discipline. For example, the community must be united in continuing to develop the same product together, rather than each developing its own variant. Therefore it was not only obvious but logical for maxence to form an alliance with other service providers that supports the designated successor Znuny LTS after the ((OTRS)) Community Edition was discontinued. This not only secures the extensive investments of the customers, but also creates a sustainable future perspective with a broad range of service offerings.




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maxence business consulting gmbh
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