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After the ((OTRS)) Community Edition was discontinued at the end of 2020, a fully compatible successor system, Znuny LTS, appeared immediately. Znuny received broad support from the OTTER Alliance, a group of well-known service companies that has since provided comprehensive services for Znuny. As a result, Znuny has been very well received in the market. And now a long-standing dream of the community has come true: Znuny 7 has been released and presents itself with a multitude of new features and a completely redesigned, modern user interface! And with Znuny LTS 6.5 a new version with Long Term Support is ready for the next two years!

Almost exactly one year ago, OTTER Alliance and Znuny GmbH started to continue the development of the widely used Open Source Ticket System ((OTRS)) Community Edition in a new fork named Znuny. In 2021 two feature releases have been released and just now the release 6.3.1 has been published. Two more releases are planned for the current year. In 2023, the dream of the community will come true: Znuny 7 will bring a modern, clean interface with improved usability and accessibility.

As already announced in March 2021, Znuny GmbH has published the roadmap for the further development of the Open Source Ticket Management System Znuny, which started as the successor of the popular ((OTRS)) Community Edition. Four new versions of the system are scheduled to be released by May 2022. Each of these releases will bring innovative new features, in addition to improvements and optimizations of functionality for a specific subject area.

After OTRS AG discontinued support for the open source ticket system
((OTRS)) Community Edition
6 at the end of 2020, the company now announces that no further license
-free versions of the
product will be available in the future. The reaction of the community was prompt. Well
German OTRS service providers joined forc
es to form an alliance: The OTTER Alliance now ensures
the continued existence of the popular ticket system and the availability of a wide range of service

After OTRS AG discontinued support for the Open Source ticket system ((OTRS)) Community Edition at the end of 2020, the company announced that it had withdrawn as main sponsor and would no longer work on further license-free versions of the product. The community’s reaction was prompt. Well-known German OTRS service providers joined forces to form an alliance: With Znuny LTS, the OTTER Alliance presents a technically fully compatible Open Source system as the designated successor of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition and provides a wide range of service offerings for it

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