Znuny 7 and Znuny LTS 6.5 have arrived - The future has begun!

After the ((OTRS)) Community Edition was discontinued at the end of 2020, a fully compatible successor system, Znuny LTS, appeared immediately. Znuny received broad support from the OTTER Alliance, a group of well-known service companies that has since provided comprehensive services for Znuny. As a result, Znuny has been very well received in the market. And now a long-standing dream of the community has come true: Znuny 7 has been released and presents itself with a multitude of new features and a completely redesigned, modern user interface! And with Znuny LTS 6.5 a new version with Long Term Support is ready for the next two years!

(Dormagen, April 17, 2023) Over the past two years, the Znuny team, supported by the community and the OTTER Alliance, has worked tirelessly to maintain and consistently expand the powerful Open Source Ticketing System. Many functional releases have been made since then, significantly increasing Znuny's performance. However, the user interface has hardly changed during this time. This is changing now: On March 27, 2023, Znuny 7 has been released!

Six months of concept work and prototype studies were the basis for the development of Znuny 7, which took about a year to complete. Znuny 7 comes with a new user interface with a fresh, clear design for agents, administrators and customers, and introduces other special features that make it easier to use and expand the possible applications. Many requests from the community have been incorporated and make Znuny 7 a real milestone and the starting point for future innovations.

The new agent interface of Znuny 7 follows an evolutionary approach. On the one hand, it simplifies working with the data, while on the other hand it offers a high degree of recognition, so that all those who are familiar with using Znuny 6 can immediately work with the new system. Users will find useful changes in the way they work, but the familiar operating procedures will still be available. This means that there is no need to retrain staff.

The customer interface has undergone a major redesign, with the main focus on a visually appealing, contemporary design and a fresh look. The recognition effect was less important here compared to the agent and admin interface. With future versions, the customer frontend will be continuously developed and optimized.

Znuny 7 is technically advanced as well. A new search API allows the use of various external index searches. ElasticSearch is currently implemented, but others can be added via a plug-in structure. This also enables the creation of sophisticated dashboards, e.g. via Grafana. Developers of extensions and add-ons also benefit from the standardisation of the interface technology and from ready-made design elements in the development framework.

"Znuny 7 is a big step forward! The OTTER Alliance is excited about the commitment and investment of the Znuny team into the future of the popular Open Source Ticketing System! We will continue to support Znuny with all of our strength. All service offerings for Znuny 7 and also for Znuny LTS 6.5 are immediately available for our customers," says Gabriele Hein, spokesperson for the OTTER Alliance.

For users who do not yet want to switch to Znuny 7 but rely on the Long Term Support variant, Znuny LTS 6.5 was released on 9 March 2023. It replaces the previous Znuny LTS 6.0 version, for which there will be no further support. If you are using Znuny in a version below 6.5, you should update your system to Znuny LTS 6.5 so that you continue to benefit from security updates and bug fixes. OTTER Alliance partners will be happy to help you update your system.

The OTTER Alliance

The OTTER Alliance was launched in February 2021. It is an association of service companies that jointly recognise Znuny as the successor of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition, ensure the availability of services for Znuny on a permanent basis and actively support Znuny GmbH in the further development of the ticket system.

Information about the members of the OTTER Alliance and their offers can be found on the homepage: https://otter-alliance.com

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