Roadmap for the Open Source Ticket Management System Znuny LTS published!

As already announced in March 2021, Znuny GmbH has published the roadmap for the further development of the Open Source Ticket Management System Znuny, which started as the successor of the popular ((OTRS)) Community Edition. Four new versions of the system are scheduled to be released by May 2022. Each of these releases will bring innovative new features, in addition to improvements and optimizations of functionality for a specific subject area.

(Dormagen, June 25, 2021) After OTRS AG had completely withdrawn from the maintenance and further development of the popular Open Source Ticket Management System ((OTRS)) Community Edition at the end of 2020, the new fork Znuny LTS was created under the sponsorship of Znuny GmbH, which continues the community project. Since January 2021, users have been provided with regular security updates and bug fixes via Znuny LTS.

In addition to the long-term care and maintenance of the system via Znuny LTS (LTS stands for Long Term Support), the system is now also being further developed in terms of features and functionality. Via a feature branch, which will simply be called Znuny (without LTS), new functions, a further optimized performance, the improved integration of individual system components, extended interfaces and many other innovative new features will be presented. Thus, Znuny always remains modern and meets the requirements of the time. For this purpose, Znuny GmbH has provided a roadmap, which will be continuously updated.

In its first version, the roadmap announces four feature releases in the period from July 2021 to May 2022, each dedicated to a specific set of topics.

Znuny 6.1.1, announced for mid-July 2021, addresses the topics of Web Services & Connectivity. In addition to an improved REST interface, it brings token authentication and improvements in the handling of dynamic fields in the backend.

Znuny 6.2.1, which will be released in October 2021, will deal with new features in the areas of Automation & Process Management. In February 2022, Znuny 6.3.1 will focus on optimizing Service Desk functions and Reporting. In May 2022, Znuny 6.4.1 will deliver innovations in the area of ITSM/Service Management. Release dates and more details on each release can be found at

"The OTTER Alliance partners are excited about the development," says Gabriele Hein, spokesperson for the OTTER Alliance and managing director of maxence business consulting gmbh. "As satisfied as customers are with the fact that their solutions will continue to be maintained over the long term via Znuny LTS, they nevertheless also expect the product to evolve. After all, only a product that follows the growing demands of the market offers real prospects for the future. We at OTTER Alliance see Znuny on the best way into a good future and will support the product with our services and lasting commitment."

About the OTTER Alliance

The OTTER Alliance was founded in February 2021. It is a group of well-known German providers of services for the ((OTRS)) Community Edition. The partners of the OTTER Alliance recognize Znuny (LTS) as the designated successor of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition and ensure the sustainable and broad availability of suitable service offerings.

Through its name, the Alliance underlines its commitment to the interests of the community. The term OTTER is well known in the community. Members of the OTTER Alliance in alphabetical order are:

• becon GmbH, Ansprechpartner Vertrieb: Steffen Rieger,
• Efflux GmbH, Ansprechpartner Vertrieb: Emin Yazi,
• IT-Novum GmbH, Ansprechpartner Vertrieb: Stephan Kraus,
• maxence business consulting gmbh, Ansprechpartner Vertrieb: Gabriele Hein,
• Perl-Services, Ansprechpartner Vertrieb: Renée Bäcker,
• Sector Nord AG, Ansprechpartner Vertrieb: Stefan Schäfer,
• Znuny GmbH, Ansprechpartner Vertrieb: Johannes Nickel,

If you are running an application based on the ((OTRS)) Community Edition and need more information, please contact any of our partners.

If you provide services for the ((OTRS)) Community Edition and are interested in supporting the Alliance, please contact us.

More information about the OTTER Alliance is available at

Press Contact

Gabriele Hein
maxence business consulting gmbh
Am Weißen Stein 1
41541 Dormagen

Phone: +49-2133-2599-12


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